Project Scope:
  • Ideal Client & Messaging Assistance

  • Brand Strategy

  • Custom Brand Design

  • Business Card Design

Angie is an amazing doula. She is compassionate, informed, helpful, and passionate about mamas having the birth experience that is best for them. I should know after all because she was my doula when I gave birth to my son!

We got in touch through a mutual friend when Angie was looking for a brand designer to help her level up her professionalism in her business. At our first meeting, I told her I was 5 months pregnant and asked if she would be my doula for my upcoming birth. And let me tell you, she was amazing! I had a wonderful, empowering birth experience and she is one of the main reasons for that.

The Project

Angie’s mission is to empower women for the birth they want, to equip them them emotionally and physically through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. She is servant-hearted, compassionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. She is comfortable and not pushy. She uses her voice to help mamas find theirs.

Her business’s name, Birth Song, reflects the beautiful miracle of birth. Life is a song, and birth is the beginning of a brand new song.

For the main logo, we chose to use a script font with added illustrated touches to make it stand out and reflect the name. In addition to the main logo, I also created an illustrated logo mark comprised of a treble clef and a baby in utero. Angie loved this illustration, and it is perfect for varied use.

Angie wanted her brand to reflect her calm and calming spirit, so we chose two shades of green for a modern and peaceful color palette. Her fonts are Buffalo for the headings and Avenir Regular for the body font.

Client Satisfaction: 100%

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