Project Scope:
  • Ideal Client & Messaging Assistance

  • Brand Strategy

  • Custom Brand Design

  • Custom Website Design
  • Copywriting Assistance

Before moving to Phoenix, my family and I were members at Ponderosa Bible Church in the White Mountains of Arizona, so needless to say, I was so excited to work on this rebrand and custom website project! It’s such a rewarding experience when your personal values line up with the values of the brand you are creating.

The Plan

Before working with me, Ponderosa did not have a cohesive branding strategy or a website that clearly communicated who they were. The end goal for this project was simple: An effective, attractive brand and website that communicate who they are, what they believe, and how visitors can find them.

Ponderosa is located in a small town where many people are “religious”, but few actually follow the truth as laid out in Scripture. What sets Ponderosa apart from many is their commitment to God’s Word in every area of doctrine, philosophy, and practice.

They wanted to avoid a “churchy” and “religious” feel. The setting is casual – many people come in their jeans and cowboy boots. God’s Word is preached. The worship is alive and genuine. The fellowship is sweet – you feel like you’ve come home whenever you’re with your church family.

The Project


Randy and Matt, the lead pastors of Ponderosa wanted their new branding to communicate two things:

  1. Ponderosa Bible Church is rooted in Scripture. They are committed to the Bible in every aspect of worship and fellowship.
  2. They are growing in grace for the glory of God.

Here’s how I communicated these values in their logo:

  1. The primary logo is a Ponderosa Pine, a variety of pine that is tall and straight. Of course, any large tree like this needs an extensive roots system to sustain itself, and this particular Ponderosa Pine is rooted in the Bible.
  2. The tree grows and points upward just as these believers are growing in grace and pointing all glory to God.

Ponderosa’s aesthetic is rustic and “woodsy”, with a modern vintage feel. The color palette is predominantly based on a forest green, the obvious choice, with accents of light sage green and dark mustard yellow.

The Project


The primary goals of the website were to:

  1. Make it easy for visitors to find location and service times.
  2. Give visitors a good idea of Ponderosa’s culture and what to expect.
  3. Provide a way for visitors to easily reach out and contact the pastoral staff.

The website is simple. It shows who Ponderosa is as a church, what they believe, and how to get involved.

The primary Call to Action on the site is to “Come to a Service.” On this page, the visitor can clearly see the location, service times, and what to expect when they visit Ponderosa.

See the Website Live

Client Satisfaction: 100%

Randy & Matt were thrilled with the outcome of our project. Here’s what they had to say:

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

“Resounding Yes! Mary was very easy to work with. She listened well, took initiative, and quickly accomplished our goals.”

How do you think this updated look will impact your ministry?

“Mary created a sharp design that exceeded all of our expectations. The text clearly communicates our identity as a church and makes it easy for visitors to learn who we are.”

Like what you see?

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