Project Scope:
  • Brand Strategy

  • Ideal Client Messaging Assistance

  • Custom Brand Design

  • Stationary Design

  • Social Templates Design

  • Launch Assistance

from Dave :

This Rebrand truly marks the start of a lot of new opportunities.

SkillTrek’s mission is to “raise surprisingly skilled kids.” They are a homeschooling supplement curriculum and membership and provide life skills training for preschool and school-aged children. The range of topics they cover is massive – they teach more than just how to fry an egg or make your bed – and the members of this community are all-in.

When Dave, the owner of SkillTrek, reached out to me about a rebrand, I was beyond excited. The challenge of developing a brand that appealed to children as well as adults sounded like a fun challenge.

Dave and his family purchased the company a few years ago and realized it needed a fresh, modern rebrand if it was going to stay relevant and appeal to a larger audience. With more and more families choosing homeschooling as a means of educating their children, the market for this life skills curriculum is significantly growing!

The Project

The rebrand needed to accomplish several of goals:

  1. Communicate quality, competency, and relevancy (It needed to appeal to the right audience – a.k.a the chic mama who believes in “raise ’em right.”
  2. Serve as a simple, strategic visual foundation for any graphic efforts moving forward (i.e. future illustration/character design, website redesign, printable pdfs, video content, etc.).
  3. Because SkillTrek is a family-owned business, the branding had to be something that Dave’s whole family would love and want to promote! (It had to get everyone’s stamp of approval.)

During the initial brainstorming and strategy phase of the project, Dave expressed his interest in pursuing either one of two directions: Space Exploration or Outdoor Adventure. Although the concept of space exploration seemed promising initially, we ended up looking to the Great Outdoors as our inspiration.

The primary reason for this was because of goal #2. The branding had to be simple enough to be applied in a variety of settings, and an outdoor theme seemed to be more easily reproduced in many applications.

Colors & Mood

What may first come to your mind when you hear “The Great Outdoors” is a rustic (even grungy) campfire setting with shades of dark forest green and moody lighting. But that’s not where this brand needed to go.

Because of the lighthearted, childlike nature and content of the brand, the colors needed to be uplifting, and exciting. The palette’s foundation, a triad of deep blue, rustic orange, and light sky blue, adds stability and depth. The secondary colors, light green, orange, and purple, are fun and provide variety for accents.

The Logo

The primary logo references the outdoors theme without being too obvious. We chose a combination of a word mark and adventure elements to create an interesting yet simple logo.

The Results

Dave and the whole family loved the new branding. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s your favorite part about your new website?

We finally feel like we fit into our market. Prior to the rebranding, we always stood out as a bit of a misfit within our home education niche. Our new brand allows us to stand out based on the merits of our program.

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

One major thing it unblocks is our further development of more content. We had been very hesitant to create new content that adhered to the old brand. Now that we have a brand we love, we are ready to invest heavily in more content and build awareness of our programs.

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

The project was a huge success. As a family-run small business, it was important to get to a point where my wife and kids loved the new look… something they would be proud to promote. The interim brand I had cooked up myself made them all cringe, so I’m very happy to be past that.

Mary really figured out what would be important influences upon design without an overly long process. Her written and video commentary along each step of the design process was super helpful. The resulting brand guide and related collateral is exactly what we needed, and ended up being more thoughtfully developed than I had been expecting. Her work was much more than a simple visual facelift. My family has the sense that this truly marks the start of a lot of new opportunities.